About us

Our vision is to be able to offer personal, durable and timeless products with historical roots. We sell well-selected antiques as well as vintage and design products.

We at Villa Vintage place great importance on sustainable consumption and slow living, we simply want to protect our environment a little extra and contribute to more sustainable consumption.

You will find us all year round in Käldinge old school at Lillandet in Nagu and during the summer months in one of the harbor sheds in Nagu Gästhamn.

Right now we are doing a major renovation of Käldinge old school and the opening hours vary. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated on our opening hours.
Normally we are open Thursday - Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.

Do not hesitate to get in touch!

We receive

We accept furniture, things and household goods and can also pick up and empty on site if the situation requires it. Everything may not fit in our selection, but in such cases we also make sure that the items are passed on for recycling or charitable purposes.

Take contact!

We buy

We buy estates and various types of household goods or individual items, don't hesitate to get in touch for a price estimate.

The emptying is carried out with a strong focus on sustainability and recycling. Nothing is thrown away unnecessarily and we donate things we don't include in our range to charity.

In connection with household clearances of various kinds, we offer everything from valuation and sales assistance to complete overall solutions that include, for example, final cleaning.

Since every household and situation is unique, we tailor solutions to your specific needs. Our goal is for both parties to feel satisfied and secure with the deal.

Values ​​and lectures

We also carry out valuations of individual objects, hold lectures on antiques and flea markets and carry out interior work. Don't hesitate to get in touch and ask for a quote!


It is fine to rent, for example, props for photo shoots etc. from us. The rent is 20% of the price for 1-5 days and 30% if it goes over 5 days (+VAT 24%). Larger overalls can be discussed separately, get in touch!

Our area of ​​operation

Our area of ​​operation extends over the whole of Finland, emptying out on islands that require access to a boat we usually only carry out in the Åboland archipelago, with certain exceptions for the Västra Nyland archipelago.

Our products

The products are second-hand products and this means that there may be traces of use. Some products also have many years behind them, and the requirements for the final product may not always correspond to today's standard for first sorting. Small scratches, air bubbles and things that can be classified as normal wear and tear may occur, however we try to reproduce the condition of the product as accurately as possible and any nicks and major damages are always indicated.

We use profit margin taxation for used goods.

Contact details

Email: villavintagesecondhand@gmail.com
Telephone: 050 576 4477
Facebook: @villavintagesecondhand
Instagram: villavintagesecondhand

Stay overnight with us!

The school's dormitory has become a small hotel. Call and book a room or book directly via booking.com.
We are open all year round!

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